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Make Your Dreams Come True – Neptune Conjunct Mercury


We often say, “I had a bad day.” Oh my goodness: the fax machine wouldn’t work, my computer wouldn’t start, the washing machine broke, I got stuck in traffic and was an hour late and miss an important meeting. Yes, these are all inconveniences but a bad day they are not. A bad day is someone calling you and telling you a loved one has died or been badly hurt. A bad day is getting your leg blown off. A bad day is having a doctor tell you that you have an incurable disease. These are things that count as a bad day. However, we often say, I had a bad day over the silliest things that are not really a bad day at all.

Mercury is going retrograde the 6th of February. I have never been one of those people who is all wound-up over Mercury in retrograde and alert everyone that the sky is falling, a series of bad events happened today and it’s all mercury retrogrades fault. That is just silly.

Yes, during mercury retrograde I have sent an important document to the wrong client or gotten on a movie and signed the contract only to my dismay to have to leave for another show. My computer crashed, and that important check never made it in the mail. All of these things have happened to me when mercury has gone retrograde. But none of these things are life or death and they do not count as a bad day.

Good things can happen too when the god of communication goes on vacation. Old friends and lovers tend to show up, and you find that document buried in the garage you swore you had lost years ago. Things and people you thought were gone for good tend to show up, without a moment’s notice. We can solve problems that had been plaguing us a long time. We find a sudden solution to an unsolved situation and it becomes clear what to do. However, I don’t see most people really focused on these things but they should.

Mercury in retrograde isn’t that interesting. But what is interesting is that now in February 2014 it will conjunct with Neptune. Is it going to make us feel all a little unclear about which way to turn? Yes perhaps, and are people going to deceive us with their words? Most likely, but on a good note it’s the land of fairytales, and imagination at its best. It is the movie business, the business of make believe. Creating sets and characters that are not real.

Neptune conjunct Mercury is where Peter Pan and the lost boys live, and where you have to believe in fairies or they will die. It’s were our dreams are created on a piece of paper, a canvass, with a camera, or in our sleep.

Will that guy you have been with for years now tell you he promises to get you a Tiffany’s ring very soon? Yes, and he will also promise you a rose garden, a big house and trips to Bali every year too. Does he mean it, probably not. Or the girl you have fallen head over heals with will tell you she likes you very much and wants to see you again, but she is tied up in meetings every time you call and has no free time. Does she really like you and want to see you soon— I would not count on it. People now may tell you all sorts of things they have no intention of ever doing, but it sounds so nice in the moment and even though it’s not even remotely true, it’s what we wish were true. We may all be a bit confused as to what is real and what is not. So, that is the dark side of Mercury conjunct Neptune. The unconscious side.

Here is the light side for the conscious people: this is the time to dream of the Tiffany’s ring you want, the perfect house and meeting your match and your dream life. Dream it in, imagine all the happiness you will have, and one day soon when this transits is long gone and forgotten all about, your dream of that perfect person will show up. Out of the blue that dream job on location somewhere warm will appear. The house in which you never thought you could afford becomes possible, and that Tiffany’s ring you always imagined will seem as if it was always on your finger.

This is a time to dream big and write that fairytale, book or screenplay about true love. To get that invention in your head on paper invision a world through rose-color glasses and one day in your future you will get it. It is the time to start to draw that silly mouse with big ears on paper and wait and see what one day he will become. One day that mouse on paper may become a legend.

This is the time to take a trip to Disneyland and be in world that is not real. Go to the beach and talk to the seals, let your kids play in the garden and build a house for their fairies and write a poem for your lover.

This is not the time to sign important contracts, buy a house or get married. This is time to get out all your old journals and read them and remember exactly what your dreams were and start putting a plan together to go get those dreams to become reality.

This is the time to contact your old boyfriends or girlfriends. Maybe they are single again. This is the time to check up on old friends, and remember the good old days and have lunch with your girlfriends. Remember that because Mercury is on vacation your lunch order may get messed up. Will it will ruin your day or lunch? I would hope not.

With Neptune conjunct Mercury now and Mercury on vacation you may feel like you are in fog with no sign of sun to see your thoughts clearly. People will make promises they can’t keep and lie straight to your face. You can bet on it. However, if you know your truth and know the truth will set you free what can all these lies really do to you? Nothing, if you take them all with a grain of salt. This time is about your dreams and what you want in your life. This about making your dreams come true and finding a nice peaceful quiet place to dream them in.

Listen to your intuition in the next few days and watch for signs. If something feels good —do it, and if something feels off —trust it. This is a time to really pay attention to who is suppose to be in your life and who is not. It’s a time to mark the “trusted ones” from the “untrusted ones.” Hopefully the ones who deceive you will be out by the time February is over and the ones who want the best for you and your dreams will be become apparent.

Will you have bad days this month? I hope not. A little miscommunication and inconvenience at the worst. I hope you dream big and sleep peacefully. Get a clear picture of what you want and who so one day soon, when this nebulous transit is over, all you dreams now will just be your great life.

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