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Ride the Wave – Mars Retrograde


Mars is going retrograde the 1st of March until May 19, 2014. Mars only goes retrograde every few years so when does we feel it. Mars is what rules our energy to get up and go. It rules our sex life, war and fighting with others. Mars got his name from the Roman God of War, so when he goes on vacation it’s not a good idea to start fights with anyone. The one who starts it will lose the battle. It is a time to choose your battles wisely, if not things could back fire and blow up in your face. It’s a time to observe what is going on around you and let things be. However, this is going to be hard because Mars does not like to go retrograde. It likes to be in a constant motion, igniting us towards our destiny.

However, I think if we all set our Delorean for May 19, 2014 for wherever we want to go, and we work hard to get there, when June comes around we will be moving at such a fast pace we will find our dreams and life we want right before us. Things will become so easy again; so set your intentions now for where you want to go. We all have to have a little patience. So it is very important right now to know where you want to go and with whom because Mars in is Libra ruling partnerships. Mars wants us to work as team and not alone.

In the next few months we may feel frustrated, because at this time our energy and the flick that lights the bick is at a stand still. Things may not go according to plan in the next few months, so this is a good time to go with the flow and not swim against the current. Life does not have to be so hard. Things can become easy and fun. You have to stay out of the way of your ego and the need to be right. Sometimes it’s better to be happy then to be right.

Let the wave take you where you are destined to go. Stop pushing against the force that does not want you to go in some directions. If you fight the wave that has a plan for you, you will inevitably crash and possibly get hurt. If you do not have a key to get in some doors do not barge in. If some doors close, or slam in your face, let them. Keep walking because the right door to your life will fly open. Mars in Libra wants life to be easy and loving. So if something is not either of those two things, you are going the wrong way. Remember if someone acts like they do not give a shit about you, don’t force them to care. If someone acts like they do not care believe them, they don’t.

At this time if you have to force something stop! It means it’s not for you or not at this time. Mars can be about timing since it’s the fire in our lives that get things going and makes them happen. Right now learn to live and let live. If things seem easy great, but if you have to fight to get something at this time, it’s time to let go. It’s either not for you, or it is not the right time. It most definitely is not the time for revenge or to start a lawsuit. It’s a time to walk away no matter how mad you are. Let others make fools of themselves, but don’t be one of them.

This time is going to separate the conscious from the unconscious people. We are all going to be tested and the ones, who say, “this is a test, nothing more,” will be fine. The ones who are mean and unfair will feel lost and get thrown against the rocks.

Mars is retrograde for three months. This is a long time for our energy not to be moving forward. Go back. It’s in Libra so did we meet our soul mate and leave them somewhere. Well go back and get them because now you can, or you can get someone out of your life so the right person can come in.

When Saturn was in Libra in 2011 and 2012 we may have been working out karma with our soul mate or friends. Now Mars will let us go back and clean things up so we can move forward.

Go with the flow. Don’t get in fights, ride the wave and make amends for things you might have done wrong. Make a better choice now in order to move forward and I guarantee that what you want you will start get by the time Mars goes direct March 19th. This is about being gentle with those we love and ourselves. We are not moving forward right now, we are going back and making things right.

This is a time to pause, look around and put our attention on all the things we want in life. When Mars goes direct May 19th our dreams will start to come true. It will be a very hot summer for the people who ride the wave now to their destiny.

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