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Mars Conjunct Uranus – Friends with the Enemy


I have been afraid of my Mars conjunct Uranus most of my adult life. We are not friends and I swore we never would be. But as it turns out, the enemy is going to be staying around for a while.

Uranus sees far across the land and pushes us to a better future, yet it’s hard to see that in the moment we are being hit by lightning. It hits us so fast, we cannot see it, and we only end up confused by the abrupt change. It’s leaves us shaking in our wake but at the sane time frees us and liberates us to a better life. It wants us to be awake and live our life to its highest potential.

This year in 2014 from January to August everyone born form 1971 to 1973 will have Mars conjunct their Uranus. Fasten your seat belts, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. This is not a good thing. Let me tell you the Dark Lord of the Sith is here to stay for a long time. This is what I have been told and thought for a long time.

I have watched my friends who were born from 1971 to 1973 get blasted with Mars-Uranus the last few weeks. However, none of my friends were born with this violent transit but me. Most them seem in utter chaos and confused as what to do with this force of tremendous energy. I have had friends tell me they have felt like they were on drugs and their mind was about to burst. One of my best friends tapped his hands on the table all night, as if the table might take some of this electric energy away. I have watched closely and observed all of them in utter shock wondering what just hit them the last few weeks. Some became mean, others distant, and threw out harsh words when they hadn’t before. And that caused me to notice.

I thought, “Isn’t this fun!” Dark Lord is here for breakfast, lunch and dinner too. But, really it’s just way too much energy making us push, not wait our turn, and flip out at the slightest insult, or say whatever we want without a care in the world. However I thought, so if it’s just energy, then it can be transformed.

Since I was born with incredibly quick energy you might think I was used to it by now. But it had even me running for Jupiter, looking for a door out of Mars/Uranus wicked ways. My brain seemed as if it was being plugged into an electrical socket, and Venus was on vacation, and no one wanted anything to do with this eruption. I looked at my chart and not only would I be on an 8th month ride of this utter high of Mars conjunct Uranus like all my friends, but I was getting blasted from every angle, and it would be a three year journey for me. I thought I’m finished. What am I going to do with all this electric energy? I’m doomed.

Everyone said, there is nothing good about it. Nothing. Not to defy the Greek Gods and ancient myths of astrology, but I was gong to find something redeeming about Mars conjunct Uranus. So here we have it, it was my time to make friends with the enemy. I would ask my Yoda/teachers, “what is nice about Mars Uranus energies?” They would say, “nothing.” It may be the smartest energy in the room, the best athlete, and the fastest runner—but nice was not a word that described this wavering, volcanic electric energy. How could this be me? I knew I was going to have to make friends with the enemies because now we are on a long journey together. It could control me as it has done my whole life, and all my friends at the moment, or I could learn to control it.

A Uranus transit kills any form of repression, and it sets up a kind of destruction that cleans house in our life. “This might be in the form of a relationship break-up, sudden accident, sudden act of violence, or physical shock. There is usually a severe blowout with any Uranus transits that leads us to find a new form of expression.”(The Astrology Place) It blows-up our old life and gives us a brand new one. The earthquake shakes us free, tears down our house, so we are forced to build a new one. Often, we may be shaken into an awakened state and suddenly have full and enlightening knowledge of our situation at hand.

Mars rules anger, aggression, violence, and sex and has a “get up and get it done,” attitude. It makes things happen. “Mars also likes freedom and independence, and when Uranus transits Mars it can create arguments, sudden shocks, and accidents. We act rebellious, disobediently, and personal freedom is of supreme importance.” (The Astrology Place) We is a law unto ourselves. Destroying anything in our way. It makes the gentle people turn into the incredible hulk right before your eyes.


So what would I like Mars conjunct Uranus awake in me? What would I rebel? Or perhaps would I just finally stop fighting this energy and learn how use this brilliant power.

Friends, family and anyone is fair game and anyone at anytime could go. It holds no prisoners as our lovely Venus/Pluto transits do. It’s a scary thing when Mars/Uranus comes to town because people start disappearing. People are coming and going so fast, we aren’t sure whom to trust. Eventually we might fear talking to others because they may be gone tomorrow. But what if we didn’t care, and just went on our merry way whether they stayed or left.

So wait, this is my power. Why do I care? Why was I giving it away all these years? Why was I so afraid of it? It’s the energy of genius. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so quick to kick it out the door. The Dark Lord of the Sith was evil, Mars conjunct Uranus was not evil- only too much energy.


Then at last, years of being afraid of this pit bull by my side it was described to me as Princess Leia at its highest frequency. Well, what is so scary about that? After all she is a princess. She is bold and brash. She has confidence and does not have much use for the dark side. She knows how to use the power. She always finds a clever way to save her brother-lover-friends or get a message to master Jedis.

She understands conflict resolution. She always has her blaster ready and is never afraid to protect herself. She is fearless and intelligent. She is loner with a quick-witted brain, but a Jedi at best. Maybe she is not Obi or Yoda but she is light years above most—using her mind to get what she wants, and always paying attention to her intuition.

So I thought long and hard about three years with this enemy on me everyday. It was time to get my blaster out. To be wide eyed and lovely but a soul that carries this great power at heart. I was given a certain power and if misused it would lead me down a very dark path. Been there done that. It’s too much energy. I have said, much of my adult life, “I don’t want that.” By saying that so many times in my life I gave it away, letting it run me instead of me running it, and I got hurt. Blasted with my own blaster. But this time around, I was given this great force. This electric energy that could light a room or levitate a person. Why had I been so eager to give it away? It was just energy, it did not have to be bad just used with good intentions. It was the force. And the force was with me, always.

So we come back to Mars/Uranus energy. It is not nice. But it’s just energy and an able amount at that. However, its like Princess Leia.”So what is it we love about Princess Leia? It’s about her creative thinking, keeping it together when it counts and outclassing every pretentious pencil pusher the Empire can throw her way.” (Emily Asher-Perrin) We love her because she is a leader. And at the highest that is what Mars/Uranus is—a leader.

So my friends, in the next eight months, those of you who are spinning down “fast” with this violent energy, stop and get a hold of it. This is power and a force to reckon with. It will take you were ever you want to go. And because it is so quick, there is no time to waste because speed is its game. So you better get going.

Me a Mars Conjunt Uranus lady


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