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The Power of Love – Pluto Conjunct Venus


Pluto/Venus is one of my favorite conjunctions, maybe because I know it so well. Pluto/Venus is visiting everyone the last week in January to the second week in February 2014.

I love the story of Venus and Pluto. It is the love story of Persephone and Hades. Persephone had a very over-powering mother so she would run free in the mountains and fields where no one could find her. It was there Hades saw her and fell in love with her at first sight. He loved everything about her: her smile, sweetness, charm, beauty and social grace. She was not afraid of him, as she had been told to be, which crushed him because in order to control her he needed her to fear him. She was intrigued by him instead. So he kidnapped her taking her down with him to the underworld. However, Persephone wanted to be taken away with Hades. Even when Hermes came to rescue her from the underworld, she sat there eating six pomegranates so she would not have to return to the earth. She liked it down there with him and no one could change her mind. Finally, an agreement was made with Zeus in which he allowed her to return to earth in the spring for six months and then go back to be with her husband Hades Lord of the Underworld for the other six months. They were said, to have a happy marriage.

We might wonder what she loved about the darkness of Hades. Well, the story would have us believe it was never anybody’s business, and that it was their private world and theirs alone. One in which she never talked about but obviously brought her great joy. So there you have it Pluto conjunct Venus. A dark, passionate, world of love, that is always behind closed doors.

Their bond is deep and their story somewhat mysterious. However, no matter how dark it was, it was true love. And all consuming, can’t live without you, real love.

I dated a guy and his Pluto sat on my Venus. I remember the minute I met him. He was tall, dark, beautiful and mysterious and his eyes locked with mine and down I went into a heavy spell and I never remember coming up for air again. He was dark and good all at the same time. He had a healing quality about him that seemed to transform me, and indeed that is what he did.

Pluto has no manners and he is sorry about that, but all he wants to do is to take Venus and transform her. He wants to make her a whole new being and does. However, it’s not gentle. It’s painful, obsessive, cruel, and very manipulating at times. Venus learns his wicked ways and becomes enmeshed in this energy and it brings out even in her a mean, manipulative, and jealous side. They go back and forth with this energy trying so hard to break this painful pattern they have together. But around and around they go. They both become addicted to each other and when someone comes in to break their unhealthy bond they grasp on even tighter just like Persephone did. Well, even lovely Venus can turn into the Devil when you try to take her Dark Pluto Knight away from her. And revenge seems to be the only plot to play out; but remember,”before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” (Confucius) There are better ways to transform, and before you start spewing all your dark side everywhere, which you will do when you Venus meets Pluto. Remember this, Pluto cannot live without you. He needs you. Your bond is more powerful than anything he will ever know. Oh yes, Venus conjunct Saturn brings the house and stability and some people live in that world which is another story. But when Pluto finds his Venus princess, he will not let you go. You are trapped and imprisoned in his love. Yes, you are bonded for life.

Just when you think there is only darkness between you two left and the rage and control has broken both of you beyond repair and this intense relationship has damaged your souls, this is not end, it’s just the beginning of transformation. So Venus does what Pluto wants and transforms. He wants you to be a better person in every sense of the way. Pluto is the garbage man and he is cleaning house. When he conjuncts with Venus he takes all he garbage out, and she is left lovelier and deeper than ever before. People will not recognize you anymore because you have just gone through a Venus/Pluto relationship. And aren’t you lucky to have had this, because isn’t the point to life to transform and become a better person.

The modern version is “Beauty and the Beast.” What does Beauty love so much about the beast? He protects her, and would do anything for her. He would die literally without her. As the Disney’s version has it, when she goes back to tell her Beast she loves him, he turns into a prince. And Venus saves Pluto right back and transforms him in ways in which he is so grateful.

Yes, Pluto wants to be your prince, but he has none of your charm or wit, or manners. He is controlling, manipulative, arrogant and somewhat crptic in his ways. He can be mean in the way he is trying to change you, but he simply wants to be loved just like you. However with Venus and Pluto it’s sometimes a black hole and there is never enough love. They both think there will never be enough. They often end up sucking each other dry. But there is more than enough love, and in their darkness and abuse it’s hard to see the light and love, so they get stuck in an abusive pattern that they can’t seem to get out of. “Eventually the soul recognizes the pattern and wants to change it. With Pluto-Venus interaspect, it’s vital to get some space and independence into the relationship. The challenge is to develop trust and independence so when this is achieved the love becomes alchemical or tantric in its ability to transform the old pattern into new energy for the relationship. Such a contract is incredibly powerful and transmute karma and open up the possibility of a totally satisfying relationship on all levels.” (Judy Hal)

Pluto/Venus love is deep beyond measure and goes beyond time and space. You will never feel so wanted, so devoured by your lover. So needed, it will take over you, your souls will belong to each other forever in time.

We will see this transit for the next few weeks so we might see more rapes, domestic violence, killings in the name of love and secret affairs. Perhaps, bad news is always around the corner if we look for it. However, I would like to think of this time as when I met my dark tall Pluto knight and when you will meet yours. Or Pluto will meet his princess. You will feel like the only two people in the room, your eyes will meet and you will be under a very powerful spell and down you will go and you will never come home the same.

It’s a powerful, intense, volcanic love when you are together and the passion is like something you have only read about. Pluto has more power than you know. It could light a city or nation. It’s dark they say, well who is they? Pluto is so misunderstood and complicated we cannot even call it a planet anymore. No its energy is far greater than we will ever grasp. Pluto will transform you so do not be afraid of him in the darkness; he turns you into light and spring. He will heal you and every cell in your being will change. So what is so dark about that? It remakes our souls. Changes our life and makes us a better person from the inside out. Venus is Pluto’s “light” angel and if he could carry it around all day in his pocket he would. Behind closed doors, the passion and the tantric sex is unreal—-God like. You are his Goddess and he is your God. In the highest form your bond and lovemaking is a spiritual union. And remember Persephone and Hades’ private world has never been told because it’s sacred and private. You could sit for eight hours having coffee with the girls or guys and try to explain it. Don’t even try. It’s your and yours alone and other relationships will seem pail in comparison to a Pluto/Venus relationship. No one will understand unless they, too, have gone through this.

Will Pluto marry you? Maybe, after all Hades did marry Persephone as she was the love of his life. If he does not, he is still something great to be tucked away in your heart. He showed you deep earth-shattering love and transformed your soul and that is worth every penny. He will never leave you. This I promise. Somewhere in the wings he is always going to be there. Once he finds his Venus he will never let you go, and he will hold you so close to his heart no one else will ever get in. Hopefully, you are lucky and have some Satan around to stain this love, because it’s heart breaking to let it go. Mr. Biggs and Carrie from the beloved Sex In the City. had a very Pluto/Venus relationship from the very start, and in end they got married and lived happily ever after. No matter how mean and horrible he was, Carrie loved him and he loved her and they changed each other for the better. Mr. Biggs helped Carrie become a beautiful woman with his passion and devotion and she helped him find peace in his world.

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Sometimes Pluto/Venus are not lovers. Like Red Reddington and Agent Elizabeth Keen. Reddington is dark, arrogant, and can out smart everyone in the room. Keen is pretty, sweet, and somewhat innocent to the darkness around her. However, Red would do anything to protect her, and he always answers her calls and rescues her at moment’s notice. They too like Hades and Persephone have long talks in private that no one would understand on the outside. These talks are real and sweet and like Persephone— Lizzy is happy and safe somehow in his dark presence, and we don’t question or try to understand their bond. Clearly here we can see whether Red is good or bad, his intentions towards Lizzy are always for her best interest. He wants her to be the best she can be, and he is remaking her to be lighter. Ironic that someone dark can change someone to light. This is Pluto/Venus at its best. In Red’s dark world in which he lives, all he shows for Lizzy is love. This is a good example of the “beast” having this gentle soft side with his Venus princess.

The movie, “Secretary” is a perfect movie to watch because explains the Pluto/Venus connections exquisitely. James Spader’s character, Mr. Gray, is dark, controlling and does not have many redeeming qualities. With his secretary, Lee, he wants to transform this odd, scared little girl into a brave, sexy and confident woman. He tells her something at the beginning of their relationship which changes her life. He says, “I’m going to tell you something Lee, you will never ever cut yourself again. Do you understand? Have I made that perfectly clear? You are over that now. It’s in the past.” As mean as Mr. Gray was to most people, to Lee he only wanted her to heal and be stronger. She falls madly in love with him and during that same time she finds herself. Behind closed doors they have connections that many people would not understand. Lee lets him know that even though he’s wounded, she understand him and will always love him.

So my advice is: keep it private. If you don’t you might get very hurt, but I won’t write about that now. Unless you are in a Pluto/Venus relationship no one will ever get it or understand the Pluto -Venus conjunction. I mean do you really understand it? Then how can anyone else.

So these next few weeks what will Venus/Pluto bring you? Well transformation and truth hopefully. You may feel the need to manipulate your lovers into loving you more, and giving you more of what you want. However, just ask because Pluto/Venus wants to transform all the darkness and pain in your life into something beautiful. In the next few weeks we will be forced to face our deepest feelings of self worth and our lovability. Your relationships may feel emotionally intense and an all or nothing attitude will take over you. But Jupiter is in the picture to help this time making you take a deep breath and heal all these love wounds. The truth will come out and real love will win in the next few weeks. And even if it’s behind closed doors, well just like, Persephone and Hades, Reddington and Keen, that is exactly where Pluto/Venus relationships are supposed to be. And if we keep them there, a world in which no one writes about awaits you.



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