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Aries – Gets What it Wants

Aries is the first sign and rules the first house in astrology. In astrology it is the start of the new year. Often what we desire in the month of Aries manifests itself 9 to 12 months later. Try it.

Aries are known for being brave and bold leaders. They are headstrong and are often fearless. They have a reputation of being arrogant because they are not always sensitive to others’ needs. They are independent but not the most patient people. Aries are one of the most impatient sigs and do not like to wait for anything.

However, ask an Aries to do something and it will get done. They like to get their way and can be quite pushy and bossy. However, they are quite protective of their friends and loyal to those they love.

They can burn themselves out easily because they run themselves too hard and are their own worst critic. Aries rules the first house of self. So yes, they are about themselves and can come off as self-involved. However they are here to learn about themselves and be independent. If that is their purpose here who are we to say, they are doing anything wrong.

We admire an Aries because of their self-confidence. Aries are not for everyone but they are not here for everyone. Lucky for them, they don’t need to be liked by everyone. They are on a mission; sometimes all by themselves, and that is okay. They are ruled by the first house that rules the self, who we are, and being true to oneself.

They often do not think before they speak so they can often offend others easily. They normally regret this later. They are driven and like to be the center of attention. They are ruled by Mars, the Roman God of war, so do not argue with them. They always get the last word. You may think it’s always about them – well you are right, it is.

An Aries wants to rule the world. If you love one it’s not easy being second. Success in life is their mission and speed is their game. They make excellent athletes and it’s good for them to take up many sports to get out their aggressive energy. They need to do something physical well into old age or they become angry easily. They have very bad tempers and it’s best for them to take a run when they are mad.

They can be more into sex than love. For them sex is love. They can be very forceful in getting the person they want and often end up losing people in life because they rarely act from the heart or love. They have to learn they often get someone who may not be their divine right and their fast actions of having to have what they want – one day will backfire on them.

Aries rules the head and they are prone to head traumas and hitting their heads when they are in a hurry.

If you want someone who will take the reins and lead you to a better life, Aries is for you. They want to be the best of the best and some people are attracted to that.

Aries are pushy and they get what they want in life. So make a wish you think you would never get, and in nine to 12 months you may be surprised. Always, set your intentions in the month of Aries and make them big, because Aries almost always gets what they want.


My friend Megan who is an strong Aries

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