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An Exception to the Rule – Mars Conjunt Uranus

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My first blog in late January was on Mars Conjunct Uranus. Now because Mars is retrograde it is hitting again. I have done readings for quite a few of my friends born from 71’ to ‘73 who have this transit now but also some who were not born in those years. Many with this transit are now having things happen so quickly and suddenly that they are losing their footing.

Yes with Mars conjunct Uranus, indeed things are happening fast. Those born with this conjunction are used to this quick energy, but those who are not may find this piece helpful.

Thank goodness we are not all one transit, because Mars Conjunct Uranus can be a tough one. Although, this one will make you hard not to be noticed, it takes some practice getting attention we do not want. We are in good company: Johnny Depp born June 9th, the same day as Michael J. Fox both have this transit. Katherine Hepburn, Arnold Schwarzenegger Robin Williams and Princes Diana were born with Mars Conjunct Uranus as well.

People who are going through this transit now might feel like a law unto themselves. Mars Conjunct Uranus people hate being told what to do. This can be their downfall because often people have good advice for them, but they see advice as an attack. If you are not calm with them, they will not hear what you have to say.

Mars/Uranus people are very quick tempered and reactive. Put a camera in Johnny Depp’s face and he will pick a fight and risk going to jail over it. Michael J. Fox’s wife said that when she first met him she thought he was the one of the most arrogant and pushy people she had ever met. Ironically his character in Back to the Future is very Mars/Uranus, but in a good way.

Strange and sudden things, both good and bad, can happen out of the blue to these people. Princes Diana had Mars conjunct Uranus in the 8th house of death and was known to be someone who did not like to be controlled. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family situation quickly fell apart due to scandal publicly humiliating him.

However, on a good note Mars Conjunct Uranus is one in a million. In a flash you can have some good-luck come to you that will change your life. You can rarely predict the outcome for Mars/Uranus people. They are an exception to the rule. It would be a kin to predicting where lightening is going to hit. We know it will hit— but where is anyone’s guess.

These people do not do well with people controlling them. When someone tries they will scream and push until that person is out of their life. They do, however, do well with some types of Uranus partners who let them be a bit wild and be who they are. Some find these people hard handle but that’s okay because there are many people out there who love their energy and need for freedom.

Mars Conjunct Uranus rules the mob and people born with this are not bad people but like the mob do not easily forgive. Johnny Depp would blow a punch without a moment’s thought if you get in his space; which he has said in countless interviews. These people would do better if they could adapt to the saying, “live and let live.” But that is not always easy for them. They can have fierce tempers and if crossed make a nasty enemy.

However, they are incredibly intuitive people. They get flashes of insights, and if they learn to trust them, it can keep them out of trouble. They can read the energy of person right away and know if someone has good or bad intentions. They are very smart, often too smart for their own good. They are usually great athletes and love sports. When they learn to channel this great force into something good (like Johnny Depp or Michael J. Fox do with acting) they can be brilliant at what they do. The key to handling this energy is to channel it into something constructive such as a job, sport or hobby so that accidents or bad events don’t occur. When they focus this electrical energy, in a beneficial way, they can become famous and seen by the public eye easily because of this magnetic energy.

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They are the most independent people you will meet. As I mentioned in my first blog at the highest it is Princess Leia. She was on a mission most of the time and being a leader and independent was her game. Katherine Hepburn was a women way before her time and had a pubic affair with Spencer Tracy for 27 years. She was his live in partner for many years but they never married because his wife would not give him a divorce. It was very scandalous for the times. She did not attend his funeral because of his wife but said her life with him was bliss.

People such as Michael J. Fox often fight for an important cause, such as his to help Parkinson’s patients heal with brainstem-cell research. Mars Conjunct Uranus people never take no for an answer and will not stop until they get what they want. Their energy usually lights up a room and brings attention to them. Jonny Depp can be a bit odd at times, but he sure does stand out in crowd. They do things differently from others. He says he has never been to one of his films. He believes that what they do after he is done, is none of his business.

If you try to control these people they will eventually go away. Like Princess Diana did with Prince Charles. She was born with a chart not to be one to follow laws or rules. No one was right or wrong in the situation. But she needed a life with fewer restrictions to live the way she wanted. She met that person who let her be herself but sadly near the end of her too short life. There is a pattern with many Mars/Uranus people who will choose death over being controlled. Many leave the earth quickly. It’s anyone guess, if that is what her soul did. However, being in the 8th house of death it would seem a fated ending.

Robin Williams also had Mars Conjunct Uranus in the 8th house. He had a T- Square to his and so it was is his essence of who he was. Someone who was a true genius with more energy then he knew what to do with. “Robin was a lighting storm of and our laughter was the thunder that sustained him.”Steven Spielberg This is a perfect way to describe a Mars/Uranus person since it rules lightning. Mars/Uranus may have gotten the best of him in the end with a T Square to the 8th house but it also gave us the best of him for a long time.

Mars Conjunct Uranus are not arrogant. They just don’t care what other people think. They are bright and don’t like following the crowd or living in mediocrity. They prefer the ‘road less traveled.’ They would rather die than live in mediocrity. They don’t want white-picked fence life-styles. They long for something a little different and grander. If you cage them in you will have a lot on your hands to reckon with.

They are not always the most likable people. However, as I stated before, these people are not made up of just one transit. There are usually other aspects in their charts to hopefully tamper this energy down a bit. They are targets because they are so easily seen. As these people get older they normally do not care as much about being liked because they learn to embrace their uniqueness. As I said previously, when they find someone who does not try to change them or control them, and likes them for exactly who they are, they are at peace. Only in relationships where they are controlled do they become unruly, mean and often violent.

Right now a lot people are getting hit with this energy from January to August. People who have Uranus at 14 to 27 degrees are getting blasted with this transit. The ones who are not used to this energy are the ones who are starting to unravel. If you learn to use the energy wisely you can motivate yourself to: finish a project, start a company, move to another state, get in shape, or leave that relationship, where you are on a very short leash, for one that gives you breathing room and space.

Mars/Uranus people tend to manifest things very quickly so it’s best for them to stay positive. What they give comes back to them much faster than most. Remember, they are an exception to the rule. They can be that person whose doctor told them that they cannot have a baby— and then they do. They tend to have good things happen to them out of the blue; and find that as quickly as something starts, it is finished.

They can have horrible accidents happen to them when they are not on the right path in order to try to put them back on target. As they get older they normally tend to become less accident-prone and learn to use this energy to their advantage to become well known and often famous.

When they are unhappy their bodies tend to short-circuit. They are prone to seizures, Parkinson’s, and other diseases of the central nervous system. They have to work a bit harder to keep their bodies from burning out. They need healthy outlets. They need to be careful not to pick up other people’s energy. The words “let go,” are words they need to say from time to time.

They like to have people around them who are as quick and smart as they are. People may find them a challenge because they think and do things very quickly. They do not like to be pushed to do something as they have their own timing. Just ask their partners or parents about that.

They can be difficult children and rebellious teenagers and a handful for a parent. Just remember your child is little bit smarter and needs to be pushed physically and mentally (in such things as sports or acting classes) to channel their bodies and minds in constructive ways. They do not like the word “no.” Find another way to help them set limits. Their favorite phrase is: “don’t tell me what to do.”

Their space is very important to them. They normally have great boundaries and want you to have the same. They don’t like to be touched or have their things touched without their permission. Independence is their best quality and if you allow them to have that, they will shine. But if you box them in, you can bet on it that someone will get hurt.

Until August this energy is around. Make it fun and manifest your dreams quickly. Get in that racecar and drive away into the sunset. You will meet people who are like you along the way. For these people life is an adventure and adventures are the way of life. Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox, Katherine Hepburn and Princess Diana are all people we can admire. As I am born with this transit, I’m honored to be on their team.

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My Independent and amazing friend Mia Eden who is a Mars/Uranus women, with the biggest heart I know of.
Photos taken by Michael Vieyra

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