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Taurus – Brings us Stability

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Taurus rules the second house of possessions: vehicles, houses, clothes, jewelry, finances, etc. It rules what we value: not only our possessions but how we value ourselves. Some Taurus believe that possessions will help obtain happiness but it is the evolved Taurus that uses their valuables for their greatest good. Taurus love things! They love things they can touch and they love to be touched. They are sensual people. They like good meals, fine wine, nice clothes, and a good night on the town with their loved one.

Out of all the fixed signs they seem to be the most stubborn and opinionated. They do not want to bend to others’ viewpoints. They do not change easily. They fear change the most out of all signs and this why they create a stable life for themselves and their loved ones. They would rather stay in a relationship that has out-lived its time just for the sake of not having to change. This then creates a bad situation in not leaving an outgrown relationship and finding a better life. They have to learn how to let go of things and people that no longer serve them. Moving on is one of the hardest things for a Taurus to do.

However, they are very independent and don’t mind being alone. They are hard workers and once they are done with the day they like the reward of going home to their castle. Their homes are one of the most important things to them. They spend money on the finer things in life, and have a good business sense so they rarely run into money troubles because it would jeopardize their stability.

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Their ruling planet is Venus. The Goddess of Love that rules beauty, money and all the greatest pleasures in life. They love romance and once they latch on to someone they rarely let go and our very possessive.

They can procrastinate and be lazy at times. On a good note, they are extremely patient people, which is why in the long run they end up with so many possessions. They work and wait long and hard to get what they want.

They have sturdy bodies and love the outdoors. Being outdoors once a day is very good for them.

Because they are an earth sign, they rarely get out of hand or fly off the handle. They do not normally instigate a fight, but if you cross them they will fight back, and can have terrible tempers.

They can be the most loyal partners and friends. They are the opposite of Scorpios who are six signs away from them, who are here for transformation, and the spiritual side of life and love. Scorpios want intangible things that cannot be seen or touched, and Taurus want tangible things, that can be seen and touched. We are often attracted to opposites and this is why some of my best friends are Taurus.

They are very sensitive and are easily hurt but do not wear their hearts on their sleeves or talk about their feelings as much as other signs. They prefer to have a few close friends and do not let others get to know them easily. They are not the most trusting, but once they do trust you, they are your friends for life.

They give a lot to their friends, family and partners. Their greatest asset is their stability and their ability to make others feel stable. They are dependable, loyal hard-workers who get the job done. At the end of a day they are grateful to come home to their lovely homes for a nice meal and romance. What more could a Taurus ask for? Not much.
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Elizabeth, one of my best and kindest friends who is a loyal, dependable Taurus.

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