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Mars Goes Direct After a Long Wait – Start Your Engines

Mars goes direct May 19th. It went retrograde March 1st in Libra. However, if we include the shadow period it has been retrograde from the fall of 2013. So we are really going to feel the shift this week and the next month. For those born with Mars in Libra, they have been very tired the last few months and have found it almost impossible to get their projects off the ground. It has been a long winter clearing up all those karmic relationships from 2011 and 2012 when Saturn was in Libra.

It may seem like you have been in a long line waiting for a ride at Disneyland. You have been pacing back and forth in line and now but you are finally at the ride, ready to get on. You have been waiting a long time for this moment.

Mars goes into Scorpio July 25th. Most years it spends one month in each sign. Due to the retrograde it has been in Libra for a very a long time, and does not necessarily like being in the sign of “diplomatic Libra.” Mars often leaps before looking. With Mars in Libra it has had to weigh both sides, looking at each side of the coin many times — going nowhere fast. The center stage has been on relationships with Mars in Libra trying to decide what is fair and what is not, and who is right and who is wrong. Hopefully you have now cleared the decks of what is not working in your life, and are now living in your truth so that your destiny can unfold in a harmonious way.


Now that Mars is going direct, your wishes will start to be granted. The sports car, which has been stuck inside the garage all winter, can finally get dusted off. The top can come down and you can feel the sun shining on you once again. You have been in a sort of karmic vortex; but now, with Mars going direct, the bad karma will begin to burn off and your life will go full speed ahead.

Mars loves to be in Scorpio: its ruling sign. When it enters Scorpio in August it will feel like a new year. You will be driving in your racecar at full speed into the sunset, and you will have long forgotten the cold, slow, karmic winter. Your dreams will become reality. Your mistakes will be long forgotten—only to be seen in the rear view mirror, rolling by. Kiss the past goodbye. Fasten your seat belts, start your engines, and get ready. The ride is about to begin.

My close friend Mia, (Photos by Michael Vieyra) my dog Digby and me

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