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Gemini’s – The Twins Do it All

photo copy 3Gemini rules the Third House of Communication, and lucky for them because they love to talk. They are ruled by Mercury, the God of Communication, himself. They are a mutable sign which good because they can easily adapt and go with the flow. Gemini’s can do many things at once: they can be world-famous gardeners, published writers, artists, fashion experts and a fabulous cooks. Unlike some people they can do all these things at once and do a bang up job on all of them. They love being busy and being a social butterfly.

They thrive around intelligent people. They aren’t the best sign to talk with your problems because they hate getting bogged down or depressed by other’s problems. They have far too many things to do in day to be bothered (call your Scorpio friends for that). Gemini’s are the ones to travel with, go to parties and play games with. They are avid readers and love to learn new things. They will also try to teach you everything they know. However, most of us do not have ten hobbies and four careers, but most Gemini’s do.

Gemini’s are very giving and love to share everything they make and do with their neighbors, friends and family. They are great caregivers and excellent companions.

They soak up their environment very quickly and can react just as quickly. This can cause them to have nervous temperaments, because they take in a lot at once. They can get exhausted from burnout. However, they do not want anyone to ever see them as anything but cheerful and happy. Only those closest to them would see and know their moody side.

We don’t always know how they are feeling because they are in their heads most of the time. That is just where they like to be buried in thought, a book, or learning something new. It’s hard for others to know where they stand with them but it’s very easy really. They are one of the easiest signs to adapt to situations and groups of people. They are the ones who are just enjoyable to be around. They hate fussing and drama of all sorts! The twins are here to learn and play.

Their downfall is they can be superficial and not look deep inside someone to see what is going one. They often just gaze the surface of a person and get in trouble with people for judging them too quickly, without taking a closer look. However, Gemini’s have so many other great qualities we tend to forgive them. They love to entertain and go places with us. They are so much fun to be around.

They want to know everyone’s business and are not the most private people. So be careful what you tell them. The twins do not mean any harm, they just love to know everything and talk about it. They are very light-hearted people. They are one of the most independent signs and do not mind being alone. They always find something to do. Being bored would be the worst thing to a Gemini. They are never boring themselves. If you live with one, or were raised by one, you know when you walk in the door there is always something interesting going on in their homes.

One of their best qualities of being a twin is that they can see both sides of a situation and can help mediate people to find common ground. They also have an odd luxury of not aging. They can look youthful until their death. They have more energy than most people can handle– but remember there are two of them – they are the twins. Gemini rules the nervous system, so it is good for them to practice meditation, yoga, deep breathing, listen to music, and take long walks, or else they will be up all night.

They have quicksilver minds and can be the most intelligent people you will ever know. Gemini’s have many stories to tell you and if you listen you will learn a lot from them. Because they are an air-sign they are often in their heads-figuring things out. But luckily for them they love to garden, which brings them back to earth were they create beautiful things.

My Fabulous Mom and her Gardens which are just one of the great things she does!

Famous people who are Gemini’s are
Johnny Depp
Michael J. fox
Natalie Portman
All born June 9th same as my Mom


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