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Cancers – Home is Where the Heart is

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.52.56 AMCancer rules the moon and the fourth house of the home, and our family roots. So it is not surprising that home is the crab’s favorite place. Cancers are a very sensitive, and because they are ruled by water they are one of the most emotional signs.

One thing I have not written about for all signs is that if you know your Rising and Moon— you need to read the sign that they are in because that applies to you as well. So if you have a Cancer Sun, Rising or Moon you may change moods like the ebb and flow of the tide several times a day, and at the least several times a week.

When a Cancer gets upset they will feel better if they spend some time alone, even an hour, to gain perspective. Then they come back to the world a different person. Out of all the signs in the zodiac they need a lot of quiet time and time away from the hustle and bustle of the world. They are quick to tears, which others do not always understand. Bad news affects them deeply and often causes them to not sleep well. When they get upset it’s best for them to be in private until they can gather their emotions.

They love their families and are normally very close with their mothers. They love being in a family unit and nurturing those around them. But they can be vindictive and manipulative to those who hurt them. Their emotions run deep like the ocean and you may never know how much they feel, because the average person does not feel as much.

Crabs hate confrontation of any sort and side-step out of bad situations. You may not even notice they have left. Also if you stop hearing from them it’s best to let them be. They tend to hold onto grudges for a long time, so they need a lot space if you upset them before returning.

They hate rejection of any kind and suffer setbacks longer than most signs when this occurs, not only in relationships, but also in their careers. They have a very hard time letting go, and unlike the Scorpio who will seek revenge, and they will wallow in their sadness, not knowing which way to turn. When they become distraught they may not even leave their home for days, even weeks.

They are very attached to the past and rightfully so as the fourth house rules ancestors. They surround themselves with photos of their families, heirlooms, and old-family nick knacks. These things make them feel at home and safe. They love their beds, which are usually very cozy and inviting. Their homes are usually welcoming and comfortable. Cancers have great dinner parties. A happy life for Cancers is to share their home and food with friends and family telling stories.

They can be overly sensitive and this creates them to imagine things that people said, or did that never happened. They see the world from a much more emotional standpoint and are far more empathetic than most. This can be a good thing, when it comes to loving someone.

They can be “crabby” at times due to their mood changes and like a child they will need some time alone, at home, to rest and recharge. Water is very good for them and can help change their bad moods to good ones. Long swims, soaks in the tub, or steam rooms will help lift all those emotions they picked up along their day.


They are almost always very sweet people. Very kind and helpful to those who need a hand. They make excellent parents and create an extended family with their friends. They feel far more then the average person, but in times of need they are the first ones there.

Their ruling planet of Cancer the Moon has the ability to feel greatly and express things in an emotional way. The moon is constantly waxing and waning, and is in sync with nature. So it’s best for Cancer Suns, Rising and Moon signs to keep their own schedule and listen to their body. They love nature and seem to thrive in it.

They do well if they can have a job were they use their intuition and emotional compass to help others. However, no matter what they do, as long as they can come home to a home full of love, surrounding by their cherished belongings, they are happy. A place with a pond, pool or hot tub is the best medicine for these sensitive Cancers; and if they have this and a good night sleep they are nicest people you will ever meet. What these people work for in life is their families and home; and if you are lucky enough to have one in your life, you know exactly what I mean.

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My Childhood Friend Dawn who is a good friend and a great Mom and me who is a Cancer moon.

Famous people who are Cancer Suns are:
Tom Cruise July 3rd
Tom Hanks July 9th
Harrson Ford July 13th

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