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Meet Your Match – North Node in Libra


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The North Node is moving out of Scorpio, which it has been in for almost two years. Like Merlin, it moves backwards and it will now go into Libra. Mars is also in Libra, until August, and for Mars to be in one sign for eight months is a long time, so we all better get ready for our lesson here.

Libra’s like to be partners with someone. So now, with the North Node and Mars conjunct in Libra, it’s really about finding our true life-partners. It’s about finding the truth in our lives, so we cannot live in lies anymore.

The North Node is our highest potential of what we can become in this lifetime. It is our path to the highest road that leads us to our destiny. And right now – with the right key we can all get into this lovely world where Libra lives. With the North Node in Libra you can be sure of one thing: you cannot do this alone. We have to be willing to partner-up, finding balance and peace within our mates and ourselves.

We have all just transformed with the North Node being in Scorpio, now it’s time to take our new self and find our match and truth in life.


Libra’s sometimes have a hard time choosing one thing. Often, they won’t choose at all and try to take both of the things they are trying to make a decision over. Have you ever gone shopping with a Libra? If they find a pair of shoes they love they will go back and forth whether to buy the green or blue ones. Since they cannot decide they end up taking both pairs home. However, with people we cannot do that. We can only have one life partner or soul mate at a time. Whether it’s a career, person, or a house, with Mars in Libra conjunct the North Node this is a time of truth and to make a choice on what you want in your life. We have to have both feet in and make an honest commitment. We have to now choose our life path – to fulfill our destiny.

This is when the road divides into two and you can only go down one. This is a moment when we need to be true to ourselves. And here is the great thing: Libra’s love the truth. Even though it’s sometimes painful for them, when they stand in their truth, they never go wrong. So, if you are now true to yourself in what you want to be, and who you want to share this life with, you will get it. Libra is going to give you that magic wand and make you happy because you picked your partner and your perfect career.

With Mars and the North Node in Libra chivalry with men will come back in style: opening the door for your lady, buying flowers for no reason, and walking on the outside of the street. For example, take Superman – he has wonderful manners and chivalry to spare, and this is why women go crazy for him. So it is time for all you men to model yourself after him. He gets the women because of his good intentions – remember that.

Libra’s want to find balance and in doing so they become people pleasers, and often in the end let everyone down because one cannot please everyone. Someone has to be ousted and Libra’s do not like to do this. Libra’s want everyone to win. But sorry, not this time, only one person can win. There is only one gold medal and Libra’s have to learn that. So now is the time to stand up and pick the life you want to live and leave the other behind.

North Node in Libra will force us not to try to do it alone. We have to be the opposite of Aries in the South Node – the pushy, bossy one who can do everything by themselves. They do not need anyone’s help and they will tell you that. That behavior is not going to fly this time around. We will all have to ask for help and team up with our loves, friends and co-workers in life. It is now our destiny to find that person who lets us shine. If you are with someone who does not let you shine, or love you for exactly who you are, then it’s time to sever these ties.

Your soul mate is out there. With the North Node and Mars in Libra, our compass to find them will not lead us astray. The signs will be everywhere. Libra is an air sign and they will just be floating around you and easy to see. Our perfect match is going to show up. If you are lucky enough to already be with them, this is the time when you will become a dynamic team. As a couple you will learn to become a unit. Libra’s love to have fun and it’s going to be a blast because now you have someone to play with.

I will leave you with this note – Libra’s like the high road. When you take the high road, and live in your truth, no one can knock you down – really and things just flow and become easy. Obi-Wan said it best, “It is over Anakin, and I have the high ground.” And Anakin said, “You under-estimate my power,” and Obi said, “don’t try it.” What Obi-Wan was saying was quite simple. He was telling Anakin he was at a higher vibration thus he could not be hurt by him. Anakin was not living in his truth, and therefore, he went down the bad road. Obi-Wan is very Libra: always fair, noble, and lives in his truth. Unlike Anakin, who became Darth Vader, Obi-Wan lives in the world without fear and you can too. Pick the high ground, the road that leads to all sorts of good things.

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