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Saturn in Scorpio- Down the Rabbit Hole

Saturn has been in Scorpio from October 5th 2012 and will be until June 14, 2015. If it has been hitting your Sun, Rising, or Moon it has been affecting you greatly. Saturn makes us responsible and helps us mature. During a Saturn transit we often feel alone, misunderstood and left out. When Saturn conjuncts your Sun things can seem as if they are not moving in your life, or are moving at a snail’s pace.

When Saturn was in Libra you learned a lot about relationships and now that Saturn is in Scorpio it goes from having a good relationship to learning to merge as one with someone at a deep soul level. Scorpios are the deepest sign in the zodiac. Relationships that do allow you to be your true authentic self will dissolve. Scorpios want to live in total truth, so superficial relationships will no longer be part of their lives. Scorpios are black or white , therefore, you are in or you are out at this time.

The negative traits of Scorpio are manipulation, control and jealousy. These tactics are not going to work now and if you do these things you will see that what you want often goes away. You may lose the relationship all together, or at the least have very bad things happen. With Saturn in Scorpio it wants you to transform and empower you.

Since Scorpio rules the 8th House this would be a good time to pay off your debts and learn how to share your recourses with your partners. Scorpios wants to teach others that they only have power over themselves; if you remember that you will not feel the need to have power over someone else.

Scorpios are seekers of the truth and do not care too much about the status quo. With Saturn in Scorpio you can now dig deep and find out what has been holding you back from your highest potential. Scorpios like to get to the bottom of things and they are not afraid to search in the dark. As a matter of fact there is not much that scares a Scorpio. So you all are going to go further down the rabbit hole than you have ever been before. With Saturn here you may finally be able to see how the conscious and subconscious mind controls you. You can now start to unravel and change these patterns so by the time Saturn moves out of Scorpio you will be a whole new person, with a new mindset.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. Now that Saturn is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn you can start to clean the skeletons out of the closet and clear your hardest troubles away. With this rare configuration Saturn’s lessons will make it easier to grasp without the pain of other Saturn transits. You will be able to dig deeper than you have before, and alter old patterns you have had since childhood that keep you acting like an upset child instead of a rational adult.

If Saturn now closes a door do not force it open. Keep going. Very bad things will happen if you barge through. Saturn in Scorpio will not just lock you out of the door that you are not to go in anymore, but it will destroy the key so you can never unlock it again.

Saturn in Scorpio is like Luke Skywalker in the swamp with Yoda his teacher. Saturn after all is the great teacher and Scorpios often go to some otherworld swamp like place to transform and heal. Yoda went to hide from the dark side, yet always kept his inner light in the swamp. He transformed Luke and taught him to use his mind to focus on what he wanted and to let his fear and anger be transformed into power to elevate him. When you live life in the 8th House of Scorpio this is what happens to you. You become a whole new person who operates on a new level. In some cases people may not even recognize you when you come back from the mysterious place you have healed and transformed in.

Many people fear Scorpio but this because some people don’t like to explore and change at this deeper level. Use this time wisely because these transits will not happen again for another 28 years. You will see that Scorpio’s Suns and Rising will become a whole new person after the spring of 2015. However, we all have the chance to change at a deep level and learn to use our true powers with Yoda in the swamp.

Because Saturn is in Scorpio that rules the 8th house this would not be the best time to borrow money or get a loan. It might be better not to buy a house until this transit is over in 2015.

This is a time to figure out what is true and right for you in your life, whether it’s a job, relationships, or a place to live. If you have not been happy or have been living a lie you will now feel the need to come out and speak your truth. If you stay in your truth and do not manipulate anyone along the way this could be one of the most rewarding times –especially if you are a Scorpio Sun or Rising. You have the opportunity to become the person you always wanted to be. With Saturn in Scorpio things may feel a bit intense, but you will be able to heal and change things that were at other times almost impossible.

Remember there is no going back when this transit is over. The doors you use to opened may become part of the hallway, but a new one will open that will lead you to who you are meant to be. You now have the chance to become your divine authentic self. Do not waste this intense time being afraid of the dark. Know there is nothing scary here. There is so much magic in Scorpio ruled by Pluto. See that transformation is a fun magic trick, and there is nothing to it.


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