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Leo’s – Have a Heart

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Leo’s are the lovers of the zodiac. They are ruled by the Sun and the 5th house: of romance, children, games, entertainment fun and sports. Leo’s are also ruled by the heart and they have very big ones. They are the most generous and giving of all the signs.They never say no to offering a helping hand. They spoil their loved ones with just about anything they want. In return they want to be loved and admired in return. Deeply admired.

Leo’s are the popular ones in life. The ones everyone wants on their team. They hate to be alone and tend to have lots of friends in life. They take center stage in life and love the limelight. They are dramatic people and love to put on an act for everyone to watch. They are the ones people gravitate to in a room or at a party.

Their downfall in life is they can be arrogant and vain. So others often feel uncomfortable around them. They have huge egos when they are not evolved and want everyone to respect and see how great they are. They would do better, if they could just understand that not everyone wants to hear them talk endlessly about themselves. When they live in their heart and not their heads others will be drawn to them more. Leo’s do not do well when they get stuck in their heads. When this happens they need to drop back down in their hearts. If you are a Leo pay attention to if people start acting adversely around you because it means you are acting from your ego self – your lower-self and not your higher-self where you belong and shine.


Leo’s are the King of the jungle and want everyone to know they have status and power. They shine wherever they go and people want to be around them. They hate being alone more then any other sign and luckily for them people seem to want to be around them.

Their reputation is very important to them and they seek status in life and enjoy the finer things in life. They like the best of the best in everything. They like a lot bling around them and are big spenders.

They are a fixed sign and do not change easily and are normally very opinionated in their views. They hate change of any sort.

Most of them have great hair and healthy bodies. Leo’s spoil their partners and children to no ends. Children with Leo parents tend to get whatever they want. If you are their partner you will be spoiled by their by many gifts.

Leo’s who are evolved love everyone and see the best in people. They are like the the Sun that rules them, shinning their rays of warm sunshine to everyone around them. The less evolved tend to see themselves as better than everyone else and, therefore, isolate others. They do not hold a grudge for long and forgive easily.

Leo’s are a lot fun. They love to entertain and have fun. They love to be outside playing sports and are always up for a family gathering. Because Leo rules the 5th house — their children, art or work projects and team sports are their greatest joys in life. But Leo’s number one joy in life is romance. There is nothing better in life than love and romance for a Leo, and to be happy they need romance!

Leo’s are kind-hearted people who want to spread love into the world and protect their loved ones in all ways possible. They can be a lot fun to be around. When you let them know how wonderful they are and how much you respect and love them–you will find there is nothing a Leo would not do for you.

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My Mom who is a Leo rising and the most giving person I know and my Dad who is a Leo sun!

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