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Virgo’s – Live a Neat Life

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Virgo’s rule the Sixth House of Health and Service. They are very orderly people who dislike messes of any sort. They keep a clean life without gossip, people they don’t like, or drama. They are healthy but also are sensitive to foods and toxins. They benefit from doing cleanses and need to be more careful of their diet then any other sign. Virgo’s are here to serve others and are very dependable people. They love to solve problems and their attention to detail makes them the first in everything. Detail is their game, and they demand facts, or they will not be convinced of anything. They are admired because they are so good at what they do. But the good thing is that Virgos rarely make mistakes, and normally get things right the first time around.

They can be skeptical of anything they cannot solve or understand, which sometimes causes them to miss the magic in life and the signs, which cannot be seen. But this is why we love Virgos.

They like perfection and look for it in the situations and people they draw into their life. Their houses are very neat. They are the most meticulous people you will ever meet. They are great to have around because their lives are so clear. They are easy. What you see is what you get. They neither hide anything, nor have secrets. They are too busy solving problems nobody else can even understand. They have a knack for discernment and their desire for perfection can lead them to the very best in life.

As an earth sign they are very grounded. Long walks in nature are very good for them and help them get out of their busy heads.

Manners are very important to Virgo’s and they are usually very polite people. They want to understand things in the world, and will study and work hard to understand most anything that interests them. They are often the best in their fields.

Virgos are the smartest people you will ever meet. They need a passion in life: projects to take on, to dissect and take apart, and put back together, as if they were brand new. They want the best in life and, unlike a Taurus they will work hard to get it.

They are very honest people, but rarely show their feelings. They keep a calm and cool exterior to the outer world, but inside their brains are moving a million miles a minute. They are very sensitive, which is often masked by their cool exterior. They love to talk when they find something, or someone, that interests them, but are quiet when it comes to superficial conversations. They have no time for gossip and tend to stay away from people who are not straightforward.

They are ruled by Mercury, and like the Gemini Twins, they do not like to sit still for long. Their worst and best trait is that they can be very critical. Virgos are not dreamers; they are about facts and details. They can be judgmental and with and are capable of being critical of their friends, colleagues and family members. However, they mean well deep down and just want a very neat-life.

They do not believe in things they cannot see. They do not believe in magic or fairytales, and they believe people who do should live in Disneyland. They live in a very pragmatic world made up of logic and facts.

Han Solo would be a Virgo  saying something like this, “Kid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe there’s one all-powerful Force controlling everything. There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny. It’s all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.

They like to be the best looking, the best dressed, the most polite, the most intelligent, and the most successful. This can make relationships a bit difficult, as it’s impossible to live up to all this perfection. It can be difficult for them too, as they can become upset when things aren’t the way they want.

Virgo’s often go back into their past and try to redo mistakes they have made, in their mind, to try to fix them. They believe that if it weren’t for this particular mistake their lives would have been better. They need to learn that life is hard, and do the best they can. We all make mistakes—it’s human. Virgos must learn to live in the moment and not in the past, or the future, and remember that their lives do not have to be perfect. They need to know that their story does not have to be one of perfection for them to be admired. Their life stories are just as grand with all those mistakes.

They can be worrywarts. When they get a headache or stomachache because life is not going as perfectly as they want, it is often because they are too much in their heads, trying to control everything. Sometimes they need to just let things be, in the flow of nature, and know the right timing might work out better for them if they just got out of their heads and let their feelings in.

Remember they rule the Sixth House of Service and Health. They are here to take care of others and take care of themselves. They are great caregivers to those they love. They can be health addicts, but it makes them better at taking care of others, including their pets. Pets bring them great happiness in life, and they always like having one.

They are very picky. Picky in love, in life, and in everything they surround themselves with. Yes they are picky perfectionists, but maybe if you are lucky enough, they will pick you.

William a Virgo Moon and Rising
John my Step-Dad a Virgo Sun

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