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Libras- Keep the Peace

“It’s not easy being green.” For Kermit the frog it is not easy being green. For Libras it’s not easy being a Libra, because Libras struggle to find balance. What they want is to find balance and harmony in life. However even though they are ruled by Venus they do not live on Venus. They live here on earth were perfect balance is not easy to obtain, so life can be a constant battle where the scales are not balanced. “This or that.” They are here to be a bridge between themselves and others, as would indicate being ruled by the seventh house.

They have a very hard time making decisions. There are so many choices in life. If they would just listen to their intuition they would do much better, then to weigh “this or that” back and forth. By then they have forgotten what felt right in the first place. Thus, making a decision can be agony for a Libra. They have multiples of things like shoes because picking just one is just too hard for them.

The Seventh House of Partnerships rules Libras. Libras are one sign in the Zodiac that needs to have a partner. Libras hate to be alone and would often be with the wrong partner than be alone and wait for the right one. More then anything they want to be in a relationship.

They hate confrontation and long for everyone to get along. However this trait can oddly get them into trouble. They try to side with everyone which is impossible and in doing this they make everyone mad, because they don’t stand anywhere. Sometimes in life you have to pick sides and Libras almost never pick a side. This can make them seem unsure of themselves. Deep down they want to do the right thing but when they don’t stand for something they often lose everything. Libras wants to be liked more then anything and in trying to please everyone they end up pleasing no one. The more they learn to stand firm on a decision the stronger and happier they will become.

Libras can see both sides of situation and can do this better then anyone. They make great lawyers because of this trait. The seventh house also rules law and its important for a Libra to be diplomatic in order to be liked and happy.

Libras hate to fight and would rather talk things through. They are sweet talkers so most people don’t mind. They are generally very kind people and almost never manipulate to get their way; they are far too nice for that. Trying to work things out is one of their best qualities. They can be quite charming and lovely to talk with. At their highest they are fair and nobble, smart peaceful people always looking for harmony. They find great pleasure in the simple things in life like watching the sunset every night.

They’re often very attractive people who have a flare for style and decorating. They love to have pretty things around them. They tend to make their money doing something artistic and make a hobby into a way of living. Libra risings are often very beautiful and you will find a lot models with this transit, as the rising rules your looks.

All the lovely Libra really wants is to love and be married and be the best partner in the world. They need to be completed by another person. They need to complete someone else. They like to have someone to show them the way. Some may find them a bit needy, but others want to be needed and live in world were Venus charms them everyday. They want beauty and love in their lives and desire to give it to others. They like long romantic talks, and being the air signs they are, they dream all those clouds in the sky into a beautiful picture they can keep forever. Libras want to show you that peace and harmony are possible, or at least they will try. Someone has to keep the peace, even if it’s not always easy being green or being a Libra.

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