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Scorpios- Still Waters Run Deep

Scorpios rule the eight house of: death, transformation, other people’s money, sex and taxes. Basically most of the things that are taboo to talk about in public. They are the seekers of the truth in the zodiac and they want to get to the bottom of everything. They are the detectives of the zodiac. They want only to know the truth and from the minute they are born they will look into your eyes and you will have to tell them the truth, or run away. They, like the eighth house, are concerned with beginnings and endings in life and take on both with great confidence.

They get a bad rap for being dark. They are not dark at all- what Scorpios do is bring light out of darkness. You have to be a strong person to be with a Scorpio for they will transform into many people in one lifetime. They may even transform you. They will change from a Scorpion into a snake, then one day into an eagle, if they are lucky.

The lower Scorpios are manipulating and seek revenge and are the most unforgiving people you have ever met. They can be mean and calculating, but normally even the low ones go into the dark cave and come back out from some unknown place and shed their skin as a snake and change into a new person.

Example of the three kinds of Scorpios would be: the lower one would be Darth Vader/Anakin dark but still has a lot of power. The snake would be Luke Skywalker, having powers in light but still not able to fully use them. The third would be Obi Wan and Yoda, like eagles, way ahead of the rest, using all their powers in the light at all times, never fearing anyone or anything.

Scorpios seek truth and want only people around those who live in the truth. Lie to them and they will catch you every time. There is not much you can get past them since they have the keen ability to read almost anyone and are very intuitive people. They can read the energy of others more than any other sign. They often mirror back what you feel. If you don’t like being around them, you may try to look at yourself. They look people in the eyes, which makes them most uncomfortable. They have so much to do in one lifetime and have no time for lies or gossip. You will rarely hear a Scorpio gossip about others, as they know the golden rule, “do unto others as you would want done unto you.”

Some people like to avoid them altogether. These are the ones who like to live in the dark and not tell the truth because Scorpios shine a light on them, which makes them feel exposed. They are here to expose the dark side and change it into light. For those who want to marry them or be friends with them you are in for a wondrous life. They are one of the most intense, loving, deep, giving and kind people you will ever meet. However, only a few get to know that side of a Scorpio. Scorpios are black or white, they have no time for gray. They either love you or hate you, and if they have no time for you and ignore you, you are not on their radar.

For those Scorpios who become the eagle–who get to be Yoda and shine light in a world full darkness–they can turn sickness into health, hate into love, and ugliness into beauty. I have seen Scorpios walk away from accidents where others would have passed over. When you think about the Scorpion it can lose its tail and grow a new one. Scorpios have the most amazing regenerative powers and can heal from almost anything. They are also strong healers themselves.

They fear very little. They would go into a dark haunted house if they thought the truth was in there. For some, their downside can be that they are very private people. Probe into their private life and you may get stung, or a nasty look at the least. Ask them about their love life or partner and they may just smile. It’s not that they are ignoring you, it’s just that they are fiercely private people.

They are a bit mysterious like their ruler Pluto of the underworld. There are some things you are not going to figure out about these people. They are also ruled by Mars and this what makes them a power-house. They do not understand the word quit or give up, which is why they always reach their goal. They finish what they start and are born leaders. They tend to make it to the top because they don’t stop until they get there.

Don’t get in their way if they want something or you may get hurt. These people tend to get what they want in life because they don’t take no for answer. Which is not necessarily a good thing since they may at times push things away that they want. If they live in the mystery and magic of life they will get what they want. It a hard lesson for Scorpios, but once they get it they learn to fly.

Scorpios are here to transform themselves and others. They tend to attract money as they are ruled by the eighth house of other people’s money. Yet they tend to be unmaterialistic. Yet because they attract money they tend to have nice things. They often walk around incognito like Obi Wan hiding away under his hood – they rarely show their powers to others.

There is often an unfortunate trade off: some do not like them, or can be jealous of them. It’s because Scorpios have something most don’t. They have a certain allure to them because, after all, they are ruled by two of the most powerful planets.

Luckily for them they also do not care what others think. They are not superficial and they dislike people who are. They are some of the most independent people you will ever meet. They are one sign who does not take orders well or being told what to do.

They are very faithful lovers and friends until crossed. They want to have one lover or life partner and want to be loved. They attract partners that they can merge as one with. Intimacy and love for them is a spiritual experience. Love can heal them from all their deep scars.

swimming float sunset

They love water. This is where you’ll find them. They love to just float. “Be water” Bruce Lee said, describes them. William Shakespeare describes Caesar as a person whose, “still waters run deep.” It is a proverb of Latin origin, “now commonly taken to mean that placid exterior hides a passionate or subtle nature or that silent people are dangerous.” Oxford Concise Dictionary of Proverbs Oxford

Scorpios can be a bit dramatic and intense. They live in a deep, creative passionate world where mystique guides them through life and magic seems to appear everywhere. They never give up because they are very patient people. But sometimes they don’t know how to let go. However, when they do, they usually get what they want.

Yes they are secretive people who transform numerous times in a lifetime so that it’s hard to keep up with them. However, if you pick a Scorpio, you pick passion and a person with great depth; and a person who can be a magical being and who can turn darkness into light.

And when the lights go out and it’s dark, there is no other place a Scorpio would rather be than with their true love; and there is not much more a Scorpio will ask for than a private world with you. They would give up ruling the world for that– so aren’t you lucky if you have one in your life.

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