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Sagittarius – Search the World

Lets just face it Sagittarius are some of the most fun and wonderful people you will ever meet. They are the least judgmental in the zodiac. Their ruler is Jupiter the planet of expansion, abundance and biggest one of all. These people are the epitome of the law of attraction. They think and feel with ease and have the ability to connect with ancient times and the wisdom of the universe. They are in touch with a higher calling. They are often well read and have multiple degrees in education and learning are very important to them. They are ruled by the 9th House of higher thinking, education, religion, evolved thoughts and long distance travel.

They often route for the underdog, and of all the signs they fit in anywhere. They could have dinner with the Prime Minister or visit Harlem, being in comfort at either. Sagittarius are some of the most adventures, optimistic people you will ever meet. When they encounter hard times in life, they rebound easier then most. The worst of times don’t keep them down for long.

Their mission in life is to bring justice, to learn, explore, and enlighten others. They are here for the greater good and are selfless. The lower mind is ruled by Gemini and the higher mind is ruled by Sagittarius. They are interested in finding the truth about the universe and understanding our existence. They are philosophers at heart searching hard to find wisdom. They often travel long distances to learn about places, or travel in their minds to far away places.

They are seekers who do not like to make long-term commitments. They prefer to have the ability to pick up in minute’s notice and go wherever they want. They will turn down opportunities others never would not as freedom is paramount to them.

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The negative to this is that they prefer to have many relationships rather than one. There is always the exception to the rule, like my grandmother who was married for 50 years. Sometimes their tempers rise as their minds work so fast that they get frustrated with others who do not. They can be hard to work with because they can do everything well, so eventually, they don’t really need you.

Sagittarius are the best friends you will ever have. They want you to be happy and they want the best for you. They can be a treasure in one’s life. They bring light and support into most relationships. They are not possessive or jealous like Scorpios. They do not play games and are very honest straightforward people. They expect the same from their friends and family.

Sagittarius are not emotional and are very level headed. They create great lives with their minds. We could all learn a few things from them by believing in ourselves to create the life we want. We all have to work at this but Sagittarius are born knowing how to create the best life they want.

Their loved ones might feel that they sometimes act as if they don’t care. They don’t mean to be hurtful, but they are here to explore and often get lost in that endeavor. If you marry one be ready to hit the road a lot and go on many adventures.

If their car breaks down in a strange town they don’t get upset as they see it as an opportunity to meet people they have never met before. If they miss their bus in France it’s another opportunity see what is around another corner they have not explored.

They have a lot to teach us and make excellent teachers. They don’t have time or energy for negative people or situations. This probably accounts for the fact that they often look great in their latter years, and shine until their deaths. They do not dwell on the past or hold grudges. They are here to be happy- so if you fit into their world, you will have a true friend who will teach you the many wonders of life.

They soar to great heights and they will take you along, but you have to let them be themselves and shine bright. They will leave in one second if you try to tie them down and don’t give them room to explore. They make great parents and partners because they do so many fun things and go on many wonderful adventures. There is not much they wouldn’t do for their children or family.

As long as they have great books and places to explore, such as: history lessons of the world, a night learning about the stars, a trip to Spain, then to the Himalayas, and then perhaps exploring the alps they will be happy. If you give them their freedom they will take you along for the most wondrous rides of your life.

My dear friend Deahan and my Grandmother the coolest person I knew!

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