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Uranus Opposition- going home to get the life you always wanted!

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Uranus opposed Uranus happens for everyone depending on your chart somewhere between 41 to 44. This transit is not what you would typically call fun and games. However, that all depends on what you define as fun and games because it can be exciting. The famous astrologer Robert Hand called this transit the last chance and in reality that is what this transit is in our life. It’s the last chance to be the person we were meant to be.

We only get so many chances in life to make our life rich with joy and happiness, to be our authentic self– the best version of ourselves. People who know nothing about astrology just call this time a mid-life crisis. This is when the loving husband of two children leaves his wife for a sport car and someone nothing like his wife. We might call him a jerk. However, because I’m an astrologer I will say, perhaps he is following his path and hopefully will find someone to be more authentic with.

When we were in our early 20’s and late teens we were in such a rush to leave our parent’s home and rebelled against them that we may have forgotten a few things on the doorstep. The Uranus oppositions is a time to reclaim your authentic self and something you left on the doorstep of your childhood home because at 18 and 19 you were in such a rush to go live your life. It could be a different career, a baby, the nice guy or women you deep down always wanted. During your Uranus opposition is the time you can reclaim it.

People tend to do the opposite of what they have done. If you have been a career woman you may leave it to have a baby. If you have been a stay at home mother you may now go get that career you have always dreamed of. You may divorce that person you no longer can grow with without a moment’s notice and find someone who truly lets you be yourself.

Uranus is the planet of unpredictably and with this transit you may surprise people with your actions. At this time one realizes they have very little time to change the things they want to do for the rest of their lives.
The hard fact about this transit is if you don’t change and don’t listen to your heart and intuition your life will be nothing but the same old thing it has been after this transits. You could miss your destiny that has always been waiting for you. However, if you take a leap-of-faith jump and make the changes you want in your life, when this transit is over, you will have a brand new life.

You may have unfortunate incidents with this transits that are really a blessing in disguise. It’s the people that hang on even after all the signs to change who are in danger of living a meaningless life after this transit has passed.

People who have known you for a long time may not recognize you or your actions. If you have not been authentic with yourself or others, not everyone will like that. The new you may be the true you. People who have known you for a long time may find out the real you and not be happy for you or be at the same vibration of you anymore. If they leave it’s okay. The ones that matter will stay.

If it’s from your third house to ninth you may change the way you think, continue your education and completely surprise everyone on your new thought process and how you have a whole new mind filled with information you didn’t even know you had. First to seventh you may get married, divorced and find out who you are without defining yourself of how others think of you. Fifth to eleventh you may have a child, a wild love affair that changes your life and opens your eyes to a new life, or turn a hobby into a creative career that creates true happiness. Second to eight you may give up a high paying job for a better and deeper more fulfilling job. You may realize possessions and wealth do not make you rich and go on an inner journey for your true soul’s purpose. Fourth to Tenth you may go get that career you have always wanted. Cut the strings of what your family has wanted for you and learn to live for you and not what others what you to be. You may stand up and break a pattern that has been in your family for many generations. Sixth to the twelfth house you may have to clean all those skeletons in your closet out and face death in the eyes if you do not change. You may become conscious of your health and what you put into your body. You may have to change your job for a healthier one. This is your chance in life to change and grow and find a true-life path.

This is when your charkras open up and you will have the best sex of your life. Heal those childhood wounds that no longer serve you and be your own life force. You have always had the force within you. You may just have never known how to use it.

During my Uranus oppositions I left my high paying career in the movies for graduate school, which completely opened and changed my mind. I missed my career in the end and graduate school was not my true path or density. However, school had served its purpose in helping me change my brain and thought process. After all the brain is plasticity and can change. Mind- over-matter is easier said then done but once I did it my life started to unfold in a harmonious way. It made me realize I could go back to working in the film industry with a new mind set and gratitude of a love of my craft. Something I never had before because I took it for granted. I learned to communicate differently with my partner and have worked on becoming the best version of myself.

As I now look back on my Uranus oppositions I see it was not an easy or pleasant time necessarily. However, I changed and got a lot old ways of thinking and people out of my life I would not have if I did not push myself so much to change. My best advice would be to go with the flow of the universe. Change in whatever ways the universe is pushing you to do so with your Uranus opposition transits. Life is meant to go with the flow. Let go of all things in your life that are making you paddle against the current. The current of life will guide you if you can let go of the reins. Set your intentions and let the journey begin. The Uranus opposition transit is a roller coaster ride full of unpleasant days but I promise they will lead you to the yellow brick road. Where you can go home, and reclaim what you left behind- and become the best version of yourself.

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” George Eliot

One of my best friends Mia Eden
Photos by Michael Vieyra

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