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Jupiter in Libra

With Jupiter now in Libra until October 2017 we are all feeling a lot lighter and hopefully finding some peace in this crazy world. Most of us cleaned up our life with Jupiter in Virgo last year.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. Now love poetry and romance come back into style. Chivalry and flowers and men opening doors for their ladies will not be a thing of the past. This year is about love and finding our true love whom we can be our authentic selfs with, and yes start to have a happier life than we have in the past few years.

Jupiter did not do as well in Virgo, cleaning all the broken things out of our lives and being critical of everything that happened along the way. It was hard to relax and luck came in odd forms of perfection that may have made our lives look like a mess.

Libra is about fairness and balance in life. With Jupiter here we will all find our luck comes in life when we find balance in our own lives and treat others as equals. Balance is not easy anymore because our daily lives are swirling so fast. We are not all connected to the force walking around like a balanced Jedi, but in fact if we were we could have the luckiest year ever. Balance can mean not getting too upset about things and reacting to every little thing that does not go our way. It means not going on binge-diets but eating what we want all year long as long as we don’t go to extremes either way. We should exercise but it’s okay to take a day off and just sit in the garden. Maybe instead of getting off facebook just post once a month or a few times a year and not throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s about not letting the darkness of others pull us down. When we are in balance it’s hard for others to throw us off. It’s a year to stay centered when those around us are not. Balance is not an easy task anymore. In fact it’s only the trained masters that understand true balance. However, if one makes an effort, even a small effort, to find balance, this year may bring you rainbows. This year is about being in grace and balance and then and only then will your love life turn around.

If people do get a divorce this year is may be more amicable than other years. Legal cases will work out if both parties can find fairness. However, if ugliness and underhand dealings go on to win those actions will most likely make one lose. The person who is fighting for justice will win this year, but those who fight out of greed, meanness or revenge will find that luck is not on their side.

This year is about being a partner and partnerships. We will find luck by working together. Trying to do things yourself is not going to bring you happiness and luck. You will be lucky with your partner when you act as a team. Find your soulmate, life partner, the love of your life and luck will find you. The stars will shine on you when you reach out and do things together. Activities seem fun and easy as a couple and will make you want to do more together then you have before. Watch out because your partner will have forgotten how they like to do everything alone.

Remember Libra is about peace and love so if you find your soulmate you do not have to force or manipulate to get them. What is ours comes to us in a natural way. If someone belongs to you, the pathways will open up and let you be a union. Those who do not belong to you will disappear into thin air. People who play games to get their love may end up on the sideline with little love back. People may think as a couple you live with rose-colored glasses on and they may just be right. Together you will play like children and find the life with your partner you never knew you could have, when your child like imagination becomes real between you two.

Justice is severed and Libra rules the highest form of justice. The hero on the path of balance and love will win this year with Jupiter in Libra. People who do the right thing and live with a pure heart will get their fairytale year. It’s time to love others and ourselves and find what and whom is rightfully ours. This year belongs to lovers and in the high frequency of love. For those who play fair, you will dodge bullets just like Neo. The Matrix may be a story about how the mind is powerful when we don’t believe everything we are feed and that we can create the life we want no matter what someone tells us. However, above all it’s a love story about the power of love. Like in the Matrix with Libra in Jupiter bad guys are out of luck this year if you stay in that high frequency of love. Create your own dream world this year as you sail on the tail of Jupiter in Libra.

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