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North Node in Leo-True Happiness and Love

North Node moves into Leo May 10, 2017, and it is a time to celebrate. North Node like Merlin moves backwards in time. After being in Virgo for over a year and making our lives clean and neat it’s time to let your hair down and let the light back in. It is once again time the time to let your inner child out and to play. The North Node traveling through Leo is about creating what you want to have a happy future. The opposition sign of Leo is Aquarius so this not a time to join a group or revolution. It’s certainly not a time to worry what others think about you. The North Node will be in Leo until November 6, 2018, so this is a time to cultivate your creative interests into work and make your life more enjoyable.

Leo’s is a giving sign so put your time and energy into your dreams, creative energies, and loved ones. It’s a time to manifest your density and the only way to get it is with your heart. When the time is over your life will unfold the way you have dreamt and you will be in a better place than you have been in years. Leo rules the fifth house of children, hobbies, lovers, creativity, fun, sports and entertainment. This is a time to be center stage and give birth to all your desires. Leo rules the sun. There are rooms full of light during this transit and lots of energy to get our lives moving in the right direction. The sun is what gives us energy and brightens our days making us happier.

This coming year and a half is a great time to have “date night” every night. Treat yourself to candlelight and good meals. Spend as much times as possible with your loved ones. Have fun and enjoy them and live from the heart.

There is more than enough for everyone to have what they want, and when we feel satiated we are more able and willing to give others what they need.

It’s a good time to take risks to make your dreams come true. Turn your creative passions into your work, and live in the limelight. Shine like a star in any way your heart desires. Plant a garden, write a book, get that new house and decorate it into your dream house. Swim, run, hike, bike, do yoga, dance, or even surf, and take up as many activities as you can as it’s a good time to move your body.

If there is a question on what to do about anything just listen to your heart. If you have conflicts with others try not to force them to see it your way. The only way you will win anyone over at this time is if you come from the heart giving your true authentic self. A lot people may have problems with this because they are used to fighting and worrying about what others think of them. They may not know how to just let things be and come from the heart and live from love. Be yourself and let everyone else be themselves. Love is the only way–and it’s a good way.

North Node in Leo is all about being creative and having as much fun as possible. Life is meant to be happy. We are not meant to suffer and this transit will prove it. Life is full of surprises and it may turn out to be one of the best periods of your life. Take time to really visit with your friends, or lay under the stars with your lover. This time belongs to lovers and to your desires. Don’t ignore these times as you may miss the best times ever. The North Node in Leo gives you and everyone around you an abundance of love. Let your world be full of love, dreams, risks, happiness and playtime. If you let this energy into your life now you will have your dream life when this transit is over. You can and will be happy. It’s not just a concept—it’s possible. Live from love and it will lead the way.

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