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Jupiter in Scorpio – a year of Intimacy and Transformation

Jupiter in Scorpio: what a fun adventure this will be! Scorpio rules the eight house of all the things we do not talk about: sex, death, taxes, power transformation and everything we keep hidden in our life. It’s not surprising that the Harvey Weinstein scandal came out as Jupiter went into Scorpio, since the eighth house of Scorpio rules sex, power and all the taboos we hide. All those crazy things we do that we hide from everyone will come out now.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio from October 10, 2017u ntill November 8th 2018.

Halloween falls in the month of Scorpio and it’s a celebration of the thinning of the veil between this world and another. It’s where we can see the cobwebs and the presence of those on the other side.

One reason Scorpios get such a bad rap is because they are a human ex-ray-machine, which can detect lies and read the motivation of others and see beneath peoples’ words. People feel exposed around them. Scorpios shine a light on people so bright all their hidden agendas come to the surface. People who have nothing to hide find these people kind and truthful. Others who hide under a rock would not dare stay too long in a room with a Scorpio.

Scorpios are the detectives, transformers, magicians, and the mavericks of life. Welcome to Jupiter in Scorpio where all things we like to hide will come to light.

It’s also a year to make large sums of money and own your power and merge with the one you love. The eight house of Scorpio also rules other people’s money: banks, loans, and investments. It’s time to take out the checkbook and spend money. Where the second house is about saving and holding onto what you make. This is the house of risk. It’s time now to buy that new car, house, and in the name of the eight house of intimacy create a “home.” Yes, it’s time to take what you have learned in Libra about partnerships and the refection of yourself and merge with another. If you have been on the fence about marrying your partner, this is the year to do it. The eighth house of Scorpio also rules what you share with your partner and the intimacy in which you create together. Scorpio is about sharing resources. It’s time to share.

In our world many of us have forgotten how to share. Facebook was about sharing with your friends, right? However, in fact it’s often more about bragging on what you have which rules the second house. Showing a picture of your nice meal is not sharing your lunch with someone who forgot theirs but merely saying, “look what I have you don’t.” I’m in Italy and you’re in Indiana and my child can play soccer better than yours. Yes, as a society we have forgotten what is to share. Bragging is not sharing. Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to learn how to share again. It wants us to create trust and intimacy and share our dreams with others. Mostly those we love and hold dear to us.
We cannot lie with Jupiter in Scorpio and we cannot run from our traumas in life. The eighth house also deals with our traumas we have had. Which will paly out in our lifes over and over and haunt and pelage us until we heal to transform them. In the eighth house we burn bridges in order to create a new life, so we can never go back to the old negative ways again. If you want to dig deep into the endless well of your life you will find things that scare you. However, once you shine a light on them they no longer hold power over you. You can then let them go and transform into another person.

Many of us with Jupiter in Scorpio at the end of this year will be a brand new person. We will have a new car, house, be married and have transformed our darkness into light. Energy can’t be destroyed – only transformed. At this time we can take heavy, dark energy and clean it into healthy, light energy and become a better version of ourselves. This year holds so much light and faith that what we believe to be true will come to the surface.

With Jupiter in Scorpio profound healings can take place. We can heal our wounds so the broken feelings we hide can become whole again. There will be so much reward in what you do this year because the old “us” dies and all those shameful things in our life we hide from ourselves and others will be healed. We can now live in the light.

Throughout the year we will transform, like a butterfly and fly away into our dream life with another. Since Scorpios never goes it alone. They are all about intense, earth shattering, and can’t live without you, intimacy.

Let’s not forget about the sex. This year we will create intimacy that we never knew possible. The love and compassion and the closeness with another person we will have this year, is the closeness we have always longed for – no matter how wounded we have been. We will feel safe enough with our lovers to open up and share what we think would make them run away. In true intimacy there is no shameful thoughts about who you are. There is nothing to hide.

Jupiter is about luck and making things big. Scorpio is about “we” and transformation. Grab a partner and dance because this year luck is about merging with another, and transforming darkness into light. Your luck will come when you spend money, invest, take risk and marry the person you love. As two you can do so much more together than alone. You will help each other bring to light all those dark secrets that you held.

Scorpios are not very politely correct but are more concerned with getting to the bottom of what is true. With Jupiter in Scorpio this is a year to find your own power and your truth. Scorpios don’t care what others think. Speak your truth and you will find that all those things you hide to keep the status quo going will come tumbling down. You be the authentic person you always wanted to be. Real, deep, powerful love will have healed your life and you.

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