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Meet Your Match – North Node in Libra

  The North Node is moving out of Scorpio, which it has been in for almost two years. Like Merlin, it moves backwards and it will now go into Libra. Mars is also in Libra, until August, and for Mars to be in one sign for eight months is a long time, so we all […]

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Cancers – Home is Where the Heart is

Cancer rules the moon and the fourth house of the home, and our family roots. So it is not surprising that home is the crab’s favorite place. Cancers are a very sensitive, and because they are ruled by water they are one of the most emotional signs. One thing I have not written about for […]

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Taurus – Brings us Stability

Taurus rules the second house of possessions: vehicles, houses, clothes, jewelry, finances, etc. It rules what we value: not only our possessions but how we value ourselves. Some Taurus believe that possessions will help obtain happiness but it is the evolved Taurus that uses their valuables for their greatest good. Taurus love things! They love […]

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An Exception to the Rule – Mars Conjunt Uranus

My first blog in late January was on Mars Conjunct Uranus. Now because Mars is retrograde it is hitting again. I have done readings for quite a few of my friends born from 71’ to ‘73 who have this transit now but also some who were not born in those years. Many with this transit […]

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Aries – Gets What it Wants

Aries is the first sign and rules the first house in astrology. In astrology it is the start of the new year. Often what we desire in the month of Aries manifests itself 9 to 12 months later. Try it. Aries are known for being brave and bold leaders. They are headstrong and are often […]

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Change is in the Air – Pluto/Uranus

April is going to be a big month. Change is in the air. Uranus is squared Pluto, which it has been doing on and off for the last few years, causing one thing to be certain: life is changing. This time around Jupiter is in the picture, making a T-square with Pluto/Uranus. So now change […]

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Mars Conjunct Uranus – Friends with the Enemy

I have been afraid of my Mars conjunct Uranus most of my adult life. We are not friends and I swore we never would be. But as it turns out, the enemy is going to be staying around for a while. Uranus sees far across the land and pushes us to a better future, yet […]

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The Power of Love – Pluto Conjunct Venus

Pluto/Venus is one of my favorite conjunctions, maybe because I know it so well. Pluto/Venus is visiting everyone the last week in January to the second week in February 2014. I love the story of Venus and Pluto. It is the love story of Persephone and Hades. Persephone had a very over-powering mother so she […]

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Make Your Dreams Come True – Neptune Conjunct Mercury

We often say, “I had a bad day.” Oh my goodness: the fax machine wouldn’t work, my computer wouldn’t start, the washing machine broke, I got stuck in traffic and was an hour late and miss an important meeting. Yes, these are all inconveniences but a bad day they are not. A bad day is […]

Ride the Wave – Mars Retrograde

Mars is going retrograde the 1st of March until May 19, 2014. Mars only goes retrograde every few years so when does we feel it. Mars is what rules our energy to get up and go. It rules our sex life, war and fighting with others. Mars got his name from the Roman God of […]