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Mars In Aires, The God War Is Here To Make Us Pay For Karma

Mars in Aires has been one thing in 2020, but Mars retrograde in Aries is another. The last time Mars went retrograde in Aires was in 1988. Mars entered Aries on June 27th and will be there until January 6th 2021. It went retrograde September 10th and will be retrograde until Nov 14th. Mars is […]

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Jupiter is in Sagittarius – an Adventure

From  (November 2018 – December 2019) Aim, shoot, fire. This is going to be a period with great new adventures. Sagittarius aims in life for what they want. You can now aim for the stars this year and by December of next year when Jupiter enters Capricorn you can be sure that your bow and […]

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Saturn is in Capricorn – Climbing to the Top of the Mountain

  Saturn is in Capricorn  from December 19th 2017 to March 21st 2020. The last time this happened was in 1988 to the beginning of 1991. Think back to what happened then, if you were alive and how much your life changed with hard work. Also, reflect on what you still hold and use from […]

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Jupiter in Scorpio – a year of Intimacy and Transformation

Jupiter in Scorpio: what a fun adventure this will be! Scorpio rules the eight house of all the things we do not talk about: sex, death, taxes, power transformation and everything we keep hidden in our life. It’s not surprising that the Harvey Weinstein scandal came out as Jupiter went into Scorpio, since the eighth […]

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North Node in Leo-True Happiness and Love

North Node moves into Leo May 10, 2017, and it is a time to celebrate. North Node like Merlin moves backwards in time. After being in Virgo for over a year and making our lives clean and neat it’s time to let your hair down and let the light back in. It is once again […]

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Jupiter in Libra

With Jupiter now in Libra until October 2017 we are all feeling a lot lighter and hopefully finding some peace in this crazy world. Most of us cleaned up our life with Jupiter in Virgo last year. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. Now love poetry and romance come back into style. Chivalry and […]

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Uranus Opposition- going home to get the life you always wanted!

Uranus opposed Uranus happens for everyone depending on your chart somewhere between 41 to 44. This transit is not what you would typically call fun and games. However, that all depends on what you define as fun and games because it can be exciting. The famous astrologer Robert Hand called this transit the last chance […]

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Pisces – A Karmic Life

Pisces rules the 12th house of hospitals, prisons, sickness, karmic debts, secret affairs, and self-sabotage. However, it also rules meditation, our guides, the veil between this dimension and others, the subconscious, channeling angelic beings and music. It’s the last stop and the most mysterious house where things often stay hidden even from themselves. This is […]

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Aquarius – March to a Different Dumbeat

Aquarius march to a different drumbeat because Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and change, rules them. Aquarius rules the eleventh house of social clubs, groups, friends’ hopes, dreams and wishes. The expression: “when you wish upon a star,” means something different to them. They often see things in a vision and then create it in […]

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Capricorns – Work Hard

Capricorns are ruled by the 10th house of status, reputation, destiny, and career, and care what others think of them. They like to be admired and respected. Capricorns are here to work and make something of themselves. Work is their number one mission. They are the one sign that will never be accused of not […]

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Sagittarius – Search the World

Lets just face it Sagittarius are some of the most fun and wonderful people you will ever meet. They are the least judgmental in the zodiac. Their ruler is Jupiter the planet of expansion, abundance and biggest one of all. These people are the epitome of the law of attraction. They think and feel with […]

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Scorpios- Still Waters Run Deep

Scorpios rule the eight house of: death, transformation, other people’s money, sex and taxes. Basically most of the things that are taboo to talk about in public. They are the seekers of the truth in the zodiac and they want to get to the bottom of everything. They are the detectives of the zodiac. They […]

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Libras- Keep the Peace

“It’s not easy being green.” For Kermit the frog it is not easy being green. For Libras it’s not easy being a Libra, because Libras struggle to find balance. What they want is to find balance and harmony in life. However even though they are ruled by Venus they do not live on Venus. They […]

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Virgo’s – Live a Neat Life

Virgo’s rule the Sixth House of Health and Service. They are very orderly people who dislike messes of any sort. They keep a clean life without gossip, people they don’t like, or drama. They are healthy but also are sensitive to foods and toxins. They benefit from doing cleanses and need to be more careful […]

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Leo’s – Have a Heart

Leo’s are the lovers of the zodiac. They are ruled by the Sun and the 5th house: of romance, children, games, entertainment fun and sports. Leo’s are also ruled by the heart and they have very big ones. They are the most generous and giving of all the signs.They never say no to offering a […]

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Saturn in Scorpio- Down the Rabbit Hole

Saturn has been in Scorpio from October 5th 2012 and will be until June 14, 2015. If it has been hitting your Sun, Rising, or Moon it has been affecting you greatly. Saturn makes us responsible and helps us mature. During a Saturn transit we often feel alone, misunderstood and left out. When Saturn conjuncts […]

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Meet Your Match – North Node in Libra

  The North Node is moving out of Scorpio, which it has been in for almost two years. Like Merlin, it moves backwards and it will now go into Libra. Mars is also in Libra, until August, and for Mars to be in one sign for eight months is a long time, so we all […]

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Cancers – Home is Where the Heart is

Cancer rules the moon and the fourth house of the home, and our family roots. So it is not surprising that home is the crab’s favorite place. Cancers are a very sensitive, and because they are ruled by water they are one of the most emotional signs. One thing I have not written about for […]

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Gemini’s – The Twins Do it All

Gemini rules the Third House of Communication, and lucky for them because they love to talk. They are ruled by Mercury, the God of Communication, himself. They are a mutable sign which good because they can easily adapt and go with the flow. Gemini’s can do many things at once: they can be world-famous gardeners, […]

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Mars Goes Direct After a Long Wait – Start Your Engines

Mars goes direct May 19th. It went retrograde March 1st in Libra. However, if we include the shadow period it has been retrograde from the fall of 2013. So we are really going to feel the shift this week and the next month. For those born with Mars in Libra, they have been very tired […]

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Taurus – Brings us Stability

Taurus rules the second house of possessions: vehicles, houses, clothes, jewelry, finances, etc. It rules what we value: not only our possessions but how we value ourselves. Some Taurus believe that possessions will help obtain happiness but it is the evolved Taurus that uses their valuables for their greatest good. Taurus love things! They love […]

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An Exception to the Rule – Mars Conjunt Uranus

My first blog in late January was on Mars Conjunct Uranus. Now because Mars is retrograde it is hitting again. I have done readings for quite a few of my friends born from 71’ to ‘73 who have this transit now but also some who were not born in those years. Many with this transit […]

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Aries – Gets What it Wants

Aries is the first sign and rules the first house in astrology. In astrology it is the start of the new year. Often what we desire in the month of Aries manifests itself 9 to 12 months later. Try it. Aries are known for being brave and bold leaders. They are headstrong and are often […]

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Change is in the Air – Pluto/Uranus

April is going to be a big month. Change is in the air. Uranus is squared Pluto, which it has been doing on and off for the last few years, causing one thing to be certain: life is changing. This time around Jupiter is in the picture, making a T-square with Pluto/Uranus. So now change […]

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Mars Conjunct Uranus – Friends with the Enemy

I have been afraid of my Mars conjunct Uranus most of my adult life. We are not friends and I swore we never would be. But as it turns out, the enemy is going to be staying around for a while. Uranus sees far across the land and pushes us to a better future, yet […]

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The Power of Love – Pluto Conjunct Venus

Pluto/Venus is one of my favorite conjunctions, maybe because I know it so well. Pluto/Venus is visiting everyone the last week in January to the second week in February 2014. I love the story of Venus and Pluto. It is the love story of Persephone and Hades. Persephone had a very over-powering mother so she […]

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Make Your Dreams Come True – Neptune Conjunct Mercury

We often say, “I had a bad day.” Oh my goodness: the fax machine wouldn’t work, my computer wouldn’t start, the washing machine broke, I got stuck in traffic and was an hour late and miss an important meeting. Yes, these are all inconveniences but a bad day they are not. A bad day is […]

Ride the Wave – Mars Retrograde

Mars is going retrograde the 1st of March until May 19, 2014. Mars only goes retrograde every few years so when does we feel it. Mars is what rules our energy to get up and go. It rules our sex life, war and fighting with others. Mars got his name from the Roman God of […]

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